Getting To Know Me

I have been doing full stack web development for almost 14 years and I’ve been working on MMO games for the last six years. In that time I’ve used Java, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Memcached, Python, and C# to create microservices, RESTful APIs, MMO server and client components, single-page web applications, websites and CMS tools. Because of this experience, I am capable of filling many different roles within a team and I can independently take projects from conception to implementation and deployment.

Artistic abilities aside, I can do most anything on the web. As it goes with most programmers, learning new things is a hobby of mine. So, those problems that I don’t already know how to solve present a fun challenge that I’m always eager to master.

Besides programming, some of my favorite things to do include homebrewing, practicing Kung Fu San Soo, photography, drumming, and playing MTG.